Damen Tugs for Svitzer USA in Miami

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^ Damen ASD Tug 2310 (Source: http://products.damen.com/en/ranges/asd-tug/asd-tug-2310#top)

Hectically Good Times for Damen

Towards end-2014, towage and salvage specialist Svitzer placed an order with Damen Shipyards for an ASD 2310 tug. Svitzer needed the vessels quickly and therefore chose Damen as the supplier. Barely two months later, in February 2015, Svitzer placed another order for an ASD 2411 with Damen.

A part of the renowned Maersk Group, Svitzer has provided support and safety at sea since 1833. The company has purchased vessels from Damen before but this was the first time that the Miami division of the company ordered Damen’s crafts.

Svitzer will operate the ASD 2310 tug as Svitzer Yuma and the ASD 2411 tug as Svitzer Freeport in and around the port of Freeport, the industrial hub in the Bahama Islands located on the Grand Bahama Island. Damen had the vessels built at its Changde shipbuilding yard in China that specializes in delivering workboats and tugs.

Renowned for its ability to deliver orders quickly, Damen is currently dealing with a very packed schedule and has recently reported as many as eight orders for a whole variety of its vessels. This is apart from one ASD 3212 and three ASD 2412 tugs that Damen has already delivered to Svitzer.

As Free as it Gets

Freeport is a free trade zone on the Grand Bahama Island and the second most populous city in the Bahamas. Located strategically at 105km from the Palm Beach Coast, Florida, Freeport lies on arterial east-west and north-south shipping routes. This makes it a great destination for international businesses.

Port-of-Freeport (Source: http://dlb-network.com/photographyomn/freeport-grand-bahama)

Port-of-Freeport (Source: http://dlb-network.com/photographyomn/freeport-grand-bahama)

Established in 1955 with a view to evolve it into a leading shipping hub, Freeport is operated by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA). Long-term tax privileges and other incentives attract foreign investment while the island’s natural beauty makes it a formidable tourist center.

Other orders and deliveries by Damen include:

  • two Stan Tug 2608s viz. Steve and Jade for Morocco-based companies Offshore Maroc and Societe Cherifienne de Remorquage et d’Assistance (SCRA)
  • Damen ASD Tug 2810 SL Sokol to Smit Lamnalco Singapore PTE Ltd.
  • two Stan Tug 1205 mooring and towing launches NC-7L and NC-8L to Kompania Di Tou Korsou Holding NV
  • Stan Tug 1606 Dream Veeru to Maldives Port Ltd.

Damen ASD Tug 2310 and ASD Tug 2411

Tug boats or simply tugs are vessels that push or tow other vessels. These boats are robustly built and possess more power than their size would suggest. They use their brawn and strength to guide large ships through congested harbors, tow disabled ships, or move log rafts, barges, or oil platforms.

Damen ASD Tug 2310 Technical Data

TAble 1 -

Damen’s ASD Tug 2310 and ASD Tug 2411 are loaded with the following highly desired features:

  • Established Parameters and Standardization: through the delivery and use of well proven and standardized versions of quality, design, and reliability, Damen slashes the total cost of ownership in a large measure
  • Great Maneuverability and Stability: for superior sea keeping and exceptional towing capabilities
Damen ASD Tug 2411 (Source: http://products.damen.com/en/ranges/asd-tug/asd-tug-2411)

Damen ASD Tug 2411
(Source: http://products.damen.com/en/ranges/asd-tug/asd-tug-2411)

  • Extra Heavy Duty Design: that well exceeds the prescribed class requirements. This includes greater number of brackets, larger plate thickness, and extra fendering

Damen ASD Tug 2411 Technical Data

Table 2Finally

Combining great quality and prompt delivery, Damen leaves little to be desired. It is easy to see why it is such an attraction for a global clientele.

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