Cruise Packages & Itineraries For Alcohol Aficionados

For many merry tourists, cruise vacations are the time to let loose – not to mention a time to enjoy some moderate amounts of ‘booze.’ For some aficionados, however, alcohol isn’t just a perk, but the main attraction of an itinerary. Luckily for these discerning tourists, there are now several alcohol-themed cruise options for them to choose from. Kemplon Engineering takes a look at some of these itineraries available in the cruise market today.

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The American Queen Steamboat Company recently announced plans for a Bourbon-themed itinerary aboard the American Queen, on a nine-day trip between St. Louis, MO and Cincinnati, OH. “The Insider’s Bourbon Trail” includes seminars, lectures and tastings onboard; distillery tour options from iconic producers including Jim Beam; and Bourbon-enhanced menus served daily. Fares start at $2,699 per person based on double occupancy, and tours kick off this summer.

Norwegian Cruise Line is offering all-you-can-drink on short sailings of the Norwegian Sky from Miami to the Bahamas. For passengers of drinking age, alcoholic beverages of up to $11 come at no extra charge. Minors on the other hand, can get unlimited juice and soda. The all-inclusive drink approach is seen as a means of attracting new cruisers interested in short sailings, and to edge out competition that is heating up in the short sailing segment. The offer takes effect in January, 2016.

Un-Cruise Adventures offers four cruises on the SS Legacy geared toward wine lovers. Sailings include onboard wine tasting, activities and presentations, and visits to wineries by the Columbia River. Avalon Waterways, on the other hand, will be catering to fans of craft beer with onboard tasting, lectures and brewery tours on select European cruises.

These are just some of the few and exciting ways alcohol aficionados can merge their passion with traveling. Visit the company websites for more exciting offers and information.

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