Costa Diadema: Costa Cruises’ New Flagship

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A New Benchmark in Luxury

At a grand ceremony at its headquarters in Genoa, Italy, Costa Cruises christened its new flagship vessel as Costa Diadema on November 7, 2014. Diadema means tiara or an ornamental, jeweled band. It is the largest cruise ship to hoist the Italian flag and began its inaugural voyage on November 8.

Studded with a stunning Samsara Spa, seven restaurants, breathtaking ambience, fifteen bars, and engaging entertainment avenues, the Costa Diadema is truly a jeweled ornament. Everything about the ship is king sized. Even its nickname ‘Regina del Mediterraneo’ or ‘Queen of the Mediterranean’ radiates regality.

Costa Diadema is largely based on the design of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Dream. Fincantieri built this new flagship at its Marghera Shipyard, Venice. This is the largest vessel ever built at this yard. Joe Farcus designed the interiors. The cruise ship will carry the RINA Green Star Notification, something all Costa Cruises’ vessels do.
Carnival Corporation & PLC. is the parent company of a host of cruise companies viz. Costa Cruises in Southern Europe; Carnival Cruise Lines, Princes Cruises, Holland America Line, and Seabourn in Northern America; P&O Cruises (Australia) in Australia; AIDA Cruises in Germany; and Cunard and P&O Cruises (UK) in the United Kingdom.

Costa Cruises has invested $701 million in Costa Diadema and nearly $6.3 billion in ten new vessels, all built by Fincantieri since 2000. Costa Cruises’ shipbuilding at Italian shipyards created 12,300 jobs throughout the supply chain and the tourism segment in Italy. In 2010, these operations contributed about $2.8 billion to the Italian economy.

Technical Details
Samsara Spa is the chief attraction. Spread over four floors across a sprawling 7,800m2 area, it hosts a spa, a Turkish bath, a gym, a sauna, a steam bath, a solarium, and a thalasso-therapy pool.

Samsara Spa @ Costa Diadema (Source:

  • Because her builders laid keel before the Safe Return to Port Requirements took effect, the Costa Diadema complies only partially with these provisions. Primary modifications / additions to the Carnival Dream design include:
  • Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG): serving the passenger comfort switchboard is the capital modification. The vessel also has an EDG for the Solas switchboard. The additional EDG is takes over in case the Solas-EDG fails. This is of course a response to the power failure fiasco aboard Carnival Triumph in February 2013
    Scrubber / Carnival’s ECO Exhaust Gas Cleaning (ECO-EGC): removes toxic contaminants from exhaust gases and makes the Costa Diadema compliant with Emission Control Area (ECA) regulations limiting sulphur content in ship fuel to 0.1%

The ECA cap comes into force from January 1, 2015. This is the first time an Italian shipyard has installed such equipment

Technical Details:

• Beefed-Up Safety & Redundancy:
– Additional MGO Pump: ensures fuel supply to the aft engine room despite fire
– Separated Heat Exchangers: at least some operate during fire
– Fire Fighting Apparatus in the bilge and engine room
– Isolating boiler and engine room
– Diverted:
+ cables away from the engine room
+ pipes to lower their fire-causing potential
• Hull Design: changed only for the above-deck portion. Makers have redesigned public decks allotting greater space for entertainment, food, and beverages

Other Details

Wartsila Engines adhere to IMO Tier II exhaust emission directives. These include:

  • 4 x Wartsila 12V46C 12.6MW
  • 2 x Wartsila 8L46C 8.4MW

Electronic Control adjusts engines to all work conditions. The UNIC Management System ensures engine longevity and performance in the most demanding conditions. Engine design focuses on top operational reliability and endurance to vibrations and temperature.

Propulsion system comprises of:
• 2 x 21MW-each General Electric Propulsion Motors.


Frasmer Lifeboat-Tender (Source:

Onboard Lifeboats & Rescue Boats:
• 4 x Fassmer Tenders-cum-Lifeboats of capacity:
– 232 persons-each in Tender Mode
– 267 persons-each in Lifeboat Mode
• 14 x Fassmer Lifeboats of 293-person-each capacity
• 2 x Fassmer Rescue Boats
• 2 x Viking Marine Evacuation System (MES)

Plush Suite

Plush Suite @ Costa Diadema (Source:

RINA Green Star Yacht provisions mandate environment-friendly design, construction, and operation of yachts. Compliance benefits everyone – shipyards, passengers, owners-managers, and personnel onboard. Adherence prevents pollution / destruction of seawater, air, and ozone caused by:

  • engine emissions
  • refrigerants
  • oil
  • sewage
  • ballast water
  • garbage
  • grey water

Catering as it does to the millionaire and billionaire crowd, Costa Cruises has spared no expense or effort in their quest to make cruises aboard the Costa Diadema a truly coveted vacation.