CMN’s C Sword 90 Corvette Naval Warship: As Versatile As It Gets

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C Sword 90 Corvette (Source:

CMN’s Stealthy Prowler
Cherbourg-based Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) presented its fresh and highly versatile naval warship, the C Sword 90 Corvette at EURONAVAL 2014. This is among the three new ship designs CMN launched at the show, the other two being OCEAN EAGLE 43 Mine Hunter and COMBATTANTE FS46.

Largest of the naval crafts CMN has ever built, this vessel packs a combination of multiple features. It is based on CMN’s experience of designing and building nearly 700 naval vessels, 90 of which were of Combattante type. The C Sword 90 Corvette therefore succeeds the Combattante vessels first built in the 1960s.

Compact and innovative, the vessel combines high fire power with fantastic radar for anti-surface, anti-aircraft, and anti-submarine operations. The unique hull and superstructure balance its characteristics and the vessel can operate in numerous environments and assume various roles. What is more, it comes at a reasonable price.

EURONAVAL is a leading exhibition that specializes with maritime safety and security and naval defense. The 2012 event of the exhibition was particularly successful. Hundreds of exhibitors, many of whom were first time visitors, attended EURONAVAL 2014 held in Paris between October 27 and 31.

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C Sword 90 Corvette

Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) supplies state of the art naval ships and systems to 38 navies over the world. CMN established its position over 68 years through its Fast Attack Craft LA COMBATTANTE. The company is known for its innovative design, construction, training, systems integration, and life-long support.

C Sword 90 Corvette: Technical & Other Details

Increased automation boosts fuel efficiency and the vessel is optimized for simple maintenance. Made for intense war conditions that present day navies encounter, the vessel is at home in deep oceans, coastal zones, and littorals. The craft supports:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) Missions are tactical operations that support the intelligence, planning, and decision making of a battalion
  • Ground Operations Support through the on-deck helicopter, inflatables, and underwater drones
  • Electronic Warfare involves attack or defense with the use of directed energy or electromagnetic waves
  • Naval & Law Enforcement Operations
  • Deterrent Strikes & Stabilization Operations

CMN designed the innovative hull & superstructure in partnership with Thierry Verhaaren Architecte Naval for superb stealth, seakeeping, maneuverability, and performance. No fancy aesthetics or styles here. Every inch and curve of the hull and superstructure serve a function:

  • Reversed Stem improves seakeeping and propulsion efficiency
  • Round Bilge Shaped Hull imparts stronger endurance in rough seas and strong winds

Technical Specifications:

Table 1

Weaponry & Related Mechanisms

  • Primary Gun: 1 x 76 mm / 57 mm gun mounted on the fore area
  • Secondary Gun: 2 x Remote Operated 20 mm / 30 mm guns for threats from the port and starboard sides
  • 8 x MM40 Exocet Anti Ship Missiles
  • Vertical Launcher to fire 16 x Anti Aircraft Missiles
  • Additional 2 x Short Range Anti Aircraft Missile Systems

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C Sword 90 Corvette

All surveillance and monitoring equipment is interfaced with the Integrated Naval Communication System and the Integrated Bridge Control System in order to automate procedures and lower the responsibilities of the crew. Equipment includes:

  • Naval Radar as the Primary Sensor. It comes with four Fixed Array Panels affixed on the upper superstructure of the vessel. The construction and location ensures continuous, 3600 monitoring of the surrounding sea and air environs. The company has not disclosed the specifications of the radar
  • Electronic Warfare Means (R-ESM, C-ESM)
  • Electro Optical System that doubles up for Fire Control

Decoy Launchers provide:

  • Radar or Infrared Guided Anti Missile Protection
  • Electro Acoustic Anti Torpedo Security

Anti Submarine (ASM) Warfare Systems include:

  • Torpedo Launcher Tubes
  • Hull Mounted Sonar
  • Towed Sonar

With a modular design, the C Sword 90 Corvette supports Commando Launching and Intervention operations because such a design enables the activation of two Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) or Remote-Operated Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) / Underwater Unmanned Vessels (UUV) necessary for such operations.


CMN’s website defines itself as the House of Naval Excellence since 1946. One look at the capabilities of the C Sword 90 Corvette and we know why.