China’s Titanic Replica

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From period aesthetics to a high-tech simulated iceberg collision, China’s newest upcoming attraction is a Titanic replica aiming to draw in tourists… while raising funds for a foundation that will provide assistance to victims of shipwreck accidents.

White Star’s luxury steamship Titanic was carrying 2,240 passengers and crew on its maiden voyage out of Southampton, England in 1912 when it struck an iceberg a few days into the trip, causing the ship to sink. The magnificent vessel was supposed to have been a marvel of beauty and technology, and was carrying some of the era’s wealthiest luminaries. But in the end, with a shortage in available lifeboats and a disorganized evacuation, the tragedy claimed the lives of over 1,500 people.

The tragedy made a mark in maritime laws, and continues to be a part of pop culture and the public consciousness even after over a hundred years. Buoyed by TV shows, countless books and a record-setting blockbuster movie, the Titanic continues to capture the imagination with its beauty and the tales of human hubris, heroism, love and struggle for survival that surround it.

Soon, tourists in China will have a chance to walk into an exact replica of the ship. From minute artistic details and a replica menu to a high-tech simulation of the iceberg collision that brought down the ship, the Qixing Energy Investment Group is determined to offer the market a Titanic experience unlike any other. The replica will be open to visitors and cabin stays by late 2017, on the Daying Qi River where it will be permanently docked as part of a theme park. A limited number of tickets will be available for sale this June. Part of proceeds from ticket sales are earmarked for a fund to help victims of maritime disasters around the world.

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