China’s Civilian Ships To be Military Ready

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New regulations by the Chinese government will make the country’s civilian ships military-ready in the name of national defense.

Early this June, Chinese military officials met with representatives for civilian shipping companies in Shanghai. On the agenda? “Technical Standards for New Civilian Ships to Implement National Defense Requirements,” which basically outlines performance and design stipulations for new civilian ships so that they can be used to bolster military strength for national defense purposes.

The “Technical Standards for New Civilian Ships to Implement National Defense Requirements” is the output of five years of study by shipping groups and the military, and would enable ships to be called into service during a crisis.

Military use of civilian maritime assets isn’t necessarily new; Britain’s Queen Elizabeth 2, for example, had been used in the 1982 Falklands War. It has also been reported that China already has an existing ‘maritime militia’ via civilian vessels that are instrumental in pushing the country’s claims in the East and South China seas. These vessels – mostly fishing vessels – are said to do a miscellany of tasks including surveillance, search and rescue, and providing supplies to the military and coast guard.

This developing news, while not overtly threatening, is a projection of the country’s military might and is concerning to neighboring nations in light of increasing assertiveness and consequent tension in territorial claims on the disputed islands of the Asian region.

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