China Plans Carrier Battle Groups to Protect Its Overseas Interests

By March 12, 2016 Marine News No Comments

The Chinese Navy high ranking official confirmed that China is planning to put aircraft carrier battle groups to protect the country’s maritime turf.

According to Real Admiral Yin Zhuo, the aircraft carrier battle groups are intended to defend China’s sovereignty on the islands and reefs, maritime rights and overseas interests.

So far, China has one aircraft carrier, the Soviet-built – the Liaoning, but it mainly functions as a training ship and does not usually venture far from the mainland and play any combat role.

 The defense ministry also confirmed that China was building its first solely home-made aircraft carrier. The construction of the additional carrier at the yard in Dalian has almost the same design with that of Soviet-era vessel having a ski-jump rather than a catapult but with larger hangar space for a bigger air wing.

According to Shanghai-based military analyst, sending aircraft carriers would be a solid diplomatic statement that shows a country’s power and strong will to use force.

China is now having outbound investments in almost 155 countries and more or less 120 million citizens travelling abroad and carriers are needed to protect its overseas assets and nationals abroad.