Britain to Deploy Ships to NATO Standing Naval Forces

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^LONDON- MAY 8: The UKs largest warship, HMS OCEAN, docked on the river thames at royal greenwich, for an anti-terror exercise ahead of the Olympic games, London, May 8, 2012.
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Five warships including a destroyer, the frigate Iron Duke and three minesweepers will be deployed to NATO Naval Groups in the North Atlantic, North Sea, the Baltic and the Mediterranean as the nation’s first naval contribution in six years. The British government announced this as a part of a counterbalance to a growing Russian presence.

Later in the year, HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s flagship vessel, will also join in the NATO Baltops exercise. And the two British frigates will participate in a NATO anti-submarine warfare exercise.

Submarines of Russian naval forces have become one of the main concerns to NATO defense officials these months. Recently, Britain has had to call in airborne ASW assistance from France and Canada in the North Atlantic following the reported detections of Russian submarines.

As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, American & European forces carry out a series of drill and exercises and this is how the news of the British NATO deployment comes.