All Aboard America’s First Tattoo Cruise!

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Image source: Ink or Swim Tattoo Cruise Website, at Accessed 01 Nov 2014.

The cruise industry is always finding new ways to entice people to come aboard and have fun on an amazing ocean vacation. We have seen new itineraries and destinations, of course. But more and more, the cruise ship itself is becoming the main attraction along with the ports of call. Everything from Broadway shows to extreme sports can now be found aboard a ship, not to mention a multitude of creature comforts and culinary delights.
But just when you think the visionary cruise industry must have already thought of everything, here’s another first: America’s first ever tattoo-themed cruise? Kemplon Engineering takes a look at this upcoming cruise attraction.

“Ink or Swim” is scheduled for the 16th to the 20th of April, 2015, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas departing from Fort Lauderdale. Helmed by Rebel Ink magazine, photographer Dan Howell, and Miami-based group cruise organizer Landry & Kling, the cruise aims to celebrate the increasingly popular “ink culture.”
Attractions include the attendance of high profile tattoo artists, “flash” tattoo sessions, burlesque shows, tattoo contests, free photo shoots and a beach party in Cozumel.

Fares begin at $970 based on double occupancy, with a $100 credit for an on-board tattoo. Visit their website for more information and for special deals. provides tattoo artist profiles, details on the tattoo-themed events passengers can expect to enjoy, a listing of cruise attractions and of course, pricing and itinerary information.

This “Tattoo Vacation of a Lifetime” is described as an American first, with lots to delight people who are passionate about ink culture.

From culinary cruises to music-themed cruises and now a tattoo-themed cruise, there are just so many interests that can be brought aboard a great vessel and be celebrated by a community of fun-loving passengers. We at Kemplon Engineering are always excited to hear about what the visionary members of the cruise industry can come up with next!

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