Kemplon is a safety conscience workplace committed to always ensuring safety for its employees as well as clients. Taking a proactive approach to regulate a safe work environment, we stress appropriate safety guidelines to employees which are mandatory for them to follow. Our approach includes everything from performing regular testing of equipment to enforcing an always current company safety program thorough:

Program Development & Implementation
Workplace Analysis – Assessments
Management & Employee Safety Training


In order to ensure the Kemplon Engineering Safety Model is effective, a company wide “buy-in” approach has been adopted. Members of the Kemplon Engineering team are encouraged to play a part in their company’s safety program:



Review, provide feedback, and approve all programs developed.

Understand the company’s safety program and advocate its enforcement.

Actively encourage the communication of Safety Concerns, Questions, and Suggestions


Review programs – attend training.

Understand their role in advocating the company’s safety program.

Ensure their subordinates are properly informed and trained.

Communication of Safety Concerns, Questions, and Suggestions


Attend all pertinent safety training

Report fit for Duty

Follow all company safety protocols

Communicate Safety Concerns, Questions, and Suggestions.