A Controversial Cruise To Disputed Islands

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Want to tour one of the areas causing havoc in Asian international relations? Vietnam offers a ‘patriotic cruise’ to disputed Spratly Islands, potentially courting the ire of neighbors like China.

The ever-dynamic cruise industry always has something new up its sleeve. From exotic destinations, inventive themes and technological ship marvels, there always seems to be something exciting developing on the horizon. This, however, is a little bit different. Vietnam is proposing a politically controversial cruise to disputed territories that have been a sticking point in Asian international relations for years.

The Spratly Islands of the South China Sea comprise 30,000 islands and reefs which may have valuable natural resources like oil and gas reserves. Many nations claim sovereignty over the area, including Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. Vietnam’s tourism department has recently announced a pilot six-day tour that will include a stop at a part of the disputed area controlled by Vietnam. The department is working with travel firms in organizing and pricing the trip offer.

‘Patriotic’ tourists are promised unspoiled natural beauty from the reefs, and activities like night fishing and visiting lighthouses. The tourism move is perceived to be a bold one, especially in light of China’s own increasing assertiveness in making its claims in the area. No updates yet on how many Vietnamese nationals who are willing to make what promises to be an interesting journey.

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