4 Tips to Successful Laser Welding

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laser welding

By Krorc (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you are in the shipbuilding industry, then you agree that technical perfection is not everything. How the people work alone or with a team is a crucial part when it comes to ensuring successful laser welding strategies.

  1. Make sure you have well-designed component assemblies. Designing components and assemblies for successful laser welding are just as crucial as getting the right product engineers, welders and related professionals. Without a well-designed, laser-weldable metals or joints, factors such as materials selection, part preparations, and more will become futile.
  1. Invest in a qualified laser expert. A welding or mechanical engineer who is passionate about laser technology is worth investing. You will need someone with a strong leadership quality as well to lead a team and share information with other members of the team. There are many courses available for your laser expert in the event you wish to enhance his or her skills. Focus on training your people regarding updates on laser welding manufacturing processes. With technologies changing and ever evolving, regular training may be necessary but this doesn’t have to be expensive ones. You need to weigh the costs and the outcomes in a balanced manner.
  1. Train all operators as well as production and maintenance personnel. While training your laser expert/s is crucial, improving the skills of other laser welding members is equally important. This is especially critical if you have a large manufacturing plant. Your people should know how to operate your equipment well especially those that are latest in the market, if you ever invest on such. Your maintenance team must also be involved with the training, and as much as possible they have constant communication systems in places across other departments involved with laser welding and manufacturing.
  1. Involve all departments from planning to manufacturing. Anyone in your team, men and women, is entitled to raise their opinions and suggestions on the entire manufacturing process. Your production staff should be involved early in the process and must be in regular discussions with the manufacturing engineers.