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1 - ISO’s Key Objectives

Understanding the Migration from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015

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ISO’s Key Objectives

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Why Standards are so Important?

Standards inspire trust. Compliance with standards means the makers of a product or the providers of a service comply with the necessary legal, technical, and environmental regulations.

This reassures consumers that systems, products, services, and organizations are reliable, safe, and environment-friendly. Through this, standards facilitate trade, equitable and sustainable economic development, ecological improvement, innovation, safety, and health.

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Skilled Labor in the U.S. Shipping Industry

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^ Mentors are a Priceless Asset for Rookie Welders

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Skilled Labor: An Essential Commodity in Manufacturing

In order to start the production of any kinds of goods or services, you need four essentials – land, labor, capital, and enterprise. Economists refer to these elements as the factors of production. The United States is running out of skilled labor.

Manufacturing built the U.S. economy between 1900 and 1950. In the 1970s however a combination of automation, outsourcing, and cheap imports shrunk the manufacturing sector as companies and colleges cut down heavily on skilled labor training programs.

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Ship Engines are Large, Complex Mechanisms

In Place Machining: A Stitch On Site Saves Money & Time

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Ship Engines are Large, Complex Mechanisms   

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The Machine Shop at Your Doorstep  

Also known as portable machining, field machining, on site machining, and in situ machining, in place machining is the process of executing machining operations at the location of the workpiece or equipment. Operations are undertaken to produce the part, repair it, or maintain it.

Simply speaking, portable machining brings the machine shop to the workpiece rather than the other way round. And through this, it offers tremendous time and cost savings. The shipbuilding industry was the first to harness the merits of in place machining. Read More


Select Marine Coatings

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^ Coating Hulls & Other Marine Assets Slashes Corrosion, Fouling, & Osmotic Blistering

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In the Interest of Healthy Hulls & Marine Assets

Marine coatings save the owners and operators of marine assets such as ships, rigs, marine platforms, and other coastal and marine structures from tons of financial and procedural hassles.

Corrosion, fouling, and osmotic blistering are the chief culprits who conspire to shorten the useful life of marine assets. Their havoc they wreck on ship hulls is far worse.

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Severely Corroded Hull

How Important are Marine Coatings?

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^ Application of Anti-Fouling Paint on a New Hull
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Prospects for the Marine Coating Industry

Research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates the marine coatings market to hit $10.4 billion by 2019. The need to protect marine assets over longer durations, continued growth of the oil-gas sector, and enforcement of the IMO ballast tank coating rules will drive this expansion.

Innovation will rise as regulators implement progressively stringent environmental laws and customers demand greener coatings that slash the ecological footprint of ships, the report added. Researchers are focusing more on developing eco-friendly coatings.  Read More


Tips for Perfect Fabrication Projects

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^ The Many Facets of Project ManagementImage Courtesy of Canbedone at

Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling human efforts towards the achievement of company or organizational objectives.

There is no such thing as perfect. But, getting these five functions right is the key to executing a fabrication project successfully. Or any project for that matter.

Issues will always crop up une Read More


Of the Many Merits & Bright Prospects of CNC Laser Cutting

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^ Fast, Precise, Safe, & Economical, CNC Laser Cutters Carve Complex Contours

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Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) magnifies a laser’s intrinsic cutting abilities. Blending CNC’s precision with a laser’s potent cutting power makes CNC Laser Cutting a win-win, synergic combination.

Accurate, fast, economical, safe, reliable, versatile, and simple with umpteen associated merits. That, in a nutshell, is CNC laser cutting.

With a fantastic positional accuracy of 10 micro-meters, CNC laser cutters carve the most complex of profiles out of a wide range of materials. Read More

02 - Brunswick Commercial and Government Products

Multi Agency Craft Conference (MACC) 2016 & the U.S. Workboat Industry

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^ Brunswick Commercial and Government Products’ (BCGP) 1100 Impact Offshore Interceptor
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Workboats & Patrol Boats

Workboats include numerous kinds of crafts and boats that serve as patrol boats, tugs, towboats, military boats-vessels, offshore service vessels, diving-salvage boats, barges, research-education vessels, fire and response vessels and the like.

A precise definition of workboats eludes us. According to Lodewijk van Os, Product Director at Damen Shipyards, workboats are the ‘daily working environment of seafarers, who come onboard to execute a job utilising the specific design features and equipment of the boat.’ Read More

USA Flag

Monthly Maritime News Roundup: July, 2016

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Time sure flies in the dynamic maritime industry! As the month of July comes to a close, Kemplon Engineering takes a moment to pause, look back, and round up some of the most attention-grabbing headlines of the past thirty-one days in this edition of, The Monthly Maritime News Roundup: Read More