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Echo Voyager & the Little-Known, Drone Side of Boeing

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^ Echo Voyager: The Marathon Champion among Boeing’s Underwater Drones – Image Courtesy of Boeing at

The Submarine Drone-Ward Shift of Shipping

Think of Boeing and images of refined, enormous aircrafts start to flash our trained mind. Unsurprisingly, the company is also working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop crafts for space travel.

Boeing however is not content with scaling the astronomical heights of space alone. The company has been diving in the deepest and darkest recesses of the oceans using submarine drones. And it has been doing so from as far back as the 1960s. Very soon, it will launch another. Read More

United States Coast Guard’s (USCG’s) Recreational Boating Statistics Report 2015

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^ Recreational Boating Holiday with Alcohol: Picture Perfect or Recipe for Disaster?

Image Courtesy of Syda Productions at

Trouble in the Holiday Paradise

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. As is for play, so is for recreation and entertainment. There is nothing like a weekend spent relaxing in close proximity to nature after a week of hard, focused work. Holidays are the time we let our hair down and recharge our batteries.

But then, there are two sides to every coin. Letting your hair down is fine. So is letting your guard down, for otherwise you cannot relax. But if you throw caution to the winds, you expose yourself to grave perils.

Such lack of prudence perhaps explains the frequency of mishaps with people on holiday. Not that there are no accidents when people are at or travelling to work. But the whole issue of holiday accidents makes us more uneasy. We are supposed to enjoy. Accidents ensure the opposite. Read More

The Drones of Shipping

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^ Test Drone LE 4-8X Dual ATEX Flying to Maersk Edgar
Image Courtesy of the Maersk Group at

For a Better Meaning of ‘Drone’

Utter the word drone and our thoughts drift to those notorious unmanned aircrafts that secretly bombed terrorists in Afghanistan. In fact, a drone strike in Pakistan killed a heavyweight Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour on Saturday, May 20, 2016.

That was before Amazon announced of its plans to use drones for short distance air delivery of parcels in early 2014. Two years down the line, there was another groundbreaking development. This one went beyond announcements, it spoke of results. Read More

Why Curing the Root Cause Means Everything for a Steering Gear

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When it comes to the maintenance of marine vessels, there are plenty of required tests and drills under US and international laws. There are systems that need to be tested no more than 12 hours before entering the navigable waterways of the country and prior to getting underway. It is extremely important that a proactive approach to maintenance is consistently practiced to avoid any equipment failure. Read More

Cutting Down to Size a Menace Named Ship Resistance

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^ Shipping is a Critically Important Element of Globalization – Image Courtesy of Digital Genetics at

Putting Things in the Broader Perspective

Transporting as much as 90% of the globally traded merchandise, shipping is the chief instrument of international trade and commerce. That apart, it is also the paramount element of globalization so much so that shipping and globalization cannot march without each other.

But, lest we get carried away, shipping is among the major contributors of greenhouse gases (GHG). If it were a country, shipping would be the sixth largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2) discharging as it does around 3.3% of the average annual global emissions of CO2.

Read More

Ft. Lauderdale Hosted the 26th Annual Fleet Week

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Last week, Ft. Lauderdale has successfully hosted the Annual Fleet Week. This is a week-long celebration spear-headed by Broward Navy Days, a non-profit organization. Humana was the lead sponsor for its 26th year celebration.

The Fleet Week is a tradition of United States Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard and particularly those who are active in military ships service. Port Everglades proudly welcomed six ships and among them are some of the battleships – USS Brainbridge, USS Cole, USS Bataan & USCGC Robert Yered. More or less 13,000 people were scheduled to have a tour in these docked ships. Read More

SBA Hosted National Small Business Week 2016

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Since 1963, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has honored and gave recognition to outstanding contribution of small business owners and entrepreneurs through National Small Business Week.

 This year’s celebration started May 1 until May 7 with the theme “Dream Big, Start Small”. The Greater Pensacola Chamber together with Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of West Florida has teamed up to promote the good impact of small businesses on the Pensacola community.

Here is the schedule of events for the whole week:

May 01, 2016 – Sunday
Event: NSBW Kick-off at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

May 02, 2016 – Monday
Event A: Awards Ceremony at the United States Institute of Peace
Event B: Cybersecurity Panel Discussion at the United States Institute of Peace

May 03, 2016 – Tuesday
Event A: National Small Business Week Live from Atlanta
Event B: My Brother’s Keeper Millennial Entrepreneurs Initiative at the Apollo Theater

May 04, 2015 – Wednesday
Event: Colorado Small Business Week awards ceremony live from the History of Colorado Center

May 05, 2016 – Thursday
Event: Armchair Discussion with SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet and Veteran Entrepreneurs

May 06, 2016 – Friday
Event: National Small Business Week live from San Jose

Almost half of Americans own or work for a small business and they contribute to about two out of three new jobs in the U.S. every year. The U.S. SBA takes the opportunity to highlight the great impact of entrepreneurs and small business owners from 50 states within U.S territories, as a part of National Small Business Week. There was several free, inspirational and educational events around the 10 regions and 68 districts. Different companies and organizations will also take part and offer free workshops and webinars and other events for the entire week.


Dredging Project Commenced in Ft. Lauderdale

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After years of waiting, the $17 million Intracoastal Waterway Deepening Project in Fort Lauderdale has finally commenced. The planning and setup has started May 2 and the deepening begins today (May 4) in the Port Everglades opening to the ICW, according to the FIND Chief Strategy Officer, Chuck Malkus.

The economic and environmental report was approved by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers which allows the clearing of way in order for the Port to start the next stage which leads to the deepening and widening of its channels. Read More

How Biomimicry & Other Innovations Will Make Ecoship the Greenest Cruise Ship

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^ Artistic Representation of the Ecoship – Image Courtesy of Peace Boat at  

Cruising Towards Greener Waters

Right from the Kyoto Protocol of the 1990s, climate change agreements have stopped short of bringing shipping and airlines within their purview. Why? Because ships and airplanes move through the territories of umpteen nations, each of which may have its own emission caps.

Not that this has escaped the sharp eyes of global institutions. At the Paris Climate Summit, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for example proposed a carbon tax on the shipping industry, something the International Chamber of Shipping flatly rejected. Read More