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Renewable Energy Standing Tall Against the Menace of Climate Change

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^Solar & Wind Power Account for Most of the Renewable Energy Production. Image Courtesy of KENNY TONG at shutterstock.com

Back in 2009 at the height of the Great Recession, many predicted a prolonged hibernation for green energy technologies. Some doomsday proponents may have gone to the extent of drafting (premature) obituaries.

With most of the world trying to save what they had, any new investments in clean energy seemed unlikely. For the near future at least. Innovation is perhaps the first casualty of recessions, the way truth is of war. The night for renewables was blindingly dark!

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Globalization & A Brief History of Shipping Technology

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^Steamship Introduced the First Wave of Trade Globalization in 1870-1913. Image Courtesy of Morphart Creation at ShutterStock.com

Mutual Influencers: Globalization & Shipping Technology

No one put it better than former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan – arguing against globalization is like arguing against gravity. And shipping is one of the four essential ingredients of globalization. Communications, international standardization, and trade liberalization are the other three.

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The Technologies of Metamorphosis in Commercial Shipping

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^Shipping is Poised for Massive Changes. Image Courtesy of Rawpixel.com at ShutterStock.com

Technology: The Agent of Change in Shipping

Wise men say the world is full of contradictions. So is human nature. The human brain and the human thumb set us apart from our co-creatures on this planet. It is these organs that have transformed us from prehistoric cavemen to our present, advanced form.

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Shipping’s Transformational Technologies

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^Demand-Supply Gap in Shipping can be Very Large. Image Courtesy of woaiss at ShutterStock.com

Shipping’s Shifting Sands

May you live in interesting times is an ancient Chinese curse. Shipping certainly is living in interesting times. And will do so for the coming decade and half at least. But then, international shipping is always a scene of interesting although not-so-visible developments.

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Shipping Finance

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^Four Factors of Production. Image Courtesy of Constantine Pankin at ShutterStock.com

The Importance of Finance in Shipping

In order to start the production of any kind of goods or services, you need four main essentials. Capital, land, labor, and enterprise. Economists refer to these as the four factors of production.

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Shipping Costs & the Four Shipping Markets

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^Economic Cycles. Image Courtesy of Singkham at ShutterStock.com

The Big, 70mm Picture

Growth of an economy, any economy – national, local, sectoral, regional and the like – depends on two interrelated factors. These twin governors are the expansion in production and an increase in the velocity of money.

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