December 2015 - Kemplon Engineering

Global Shipping @ Paris Climate Change Conference 2015

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^Shipping is a Genuinely Globalized Operation. Image Courtesy of Atiketta Sangasaeng at

Whose Law Should They Follow Anyway?

Now, this will surely surprise you! International frameworks that seek to stall the vicious juggernaut of climate change do not cover global shipping and international aviation. This, despite the two being among the major emitters of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Read More

Maritime Industry News 2015: The Year in Review

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^As 2015 comes to a close, Kemplon Engineering looks back at some of the news and issues that captured maritime industry headlines this year.

The Migration Crisis is one of the most pressing issues of 2015… and a defining one for global humanitarian aid. The year saw a particularly large number of migrant fatalities at sea. Thousands of people from Africa and the Middle East lost their lives while crossing treacherous waters to European entry points like Italy and Greece, all in a desperate attempt to flee war or hardship.
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USS Gerald Ford: The 13 Billion Dollar Aircraft Super-Carrier

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^The USS Gerald Ford: Note how Tiny the Service Boats Look in its Comparison Image Courtesy of U.S. Navy Mass Communication Specialist Second Class Aidan P. Campbell at

Bigger . . . & Definitely Better

Northrop Grumman Newport News in Virginia has built all U.S. aircraft carriers since the 1960s. Now, it is building another. But this is not just another carrier.

Perhaps a manifestation of the U.S. Navy’s greatest engineering achievement, this super-carrier may well be the future of aircraft carriers. Enter the USS Gerald Ford (CVN-78).

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Miller® Dynasty® 280 DX Welder: The Future of TIG Welding

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^(Left) Dynasty® 280 & (Right) Dynasty® 280 DX Image Courtesy of Miller Electric at

Can it Get Better Than This?

Every once in a while there comes along a technology that is so useful, it sweeps the world off its feet. The Miller® Dynasty® 280 DX TIG welder is one such device that promises to radically alter the world of tungsten inert gas (TIG) and stick welding. Read More

Monthly Maritime News Roundup: November, 2015

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Thirty days is a long time in the complex and ever-dynamic maritime world. This November was no exception; there has been a great deal of developments in such varied sectors as search and rescue, shipping, international relations, maritime law and security – just to name a few. Kemplon Engineering rounds up some of the scene-stealing news items of the month in this edition of the Maritime News Roundup.

Fallout from the El Faro Disaster continues to dominate maritime news this November. The loss of the US-flagged vessel, which was caught in the grips of Hurricane Joaquin in October, led to the deaths of 33 mariners. In the weeks following the tragedy, investigators, civilian mariners and contractors from various sectors including the NTSB, USCG and the Navy would be able to locate the vessel, but their search would end without recovery of the ship’s vital “black box” or voyage data recorder. On the legal front, several suits have already been filed by the families of crewmembers against Tote Services, Inc., while the company is making moves to limit or protect itself from liabilities. Read More

How 3D Printing will Affect Fabrication Businesses in Future

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^ Building Plastic Object with a Novel 3D Printer – Image Courtesy of Alexander Kirch at

A Peep into the Future

Imagine this. In not too distant a future, your car breaks down because one of its parts has worn off beyond repair. Now, you have been using the car for over five years. You visit the company’s authorized spares dealers. The part is not available. You check with other dealers. Same result.

Vexed, you call a friend who happens to know a thing or two about automobiles. He gives you the contact details of a small fabrication shop right in your neighborhood. Unsure but eager, you walk into the shop. At first sight, you are not impressed. Not one bit.

Appearances can be deceptive though. In the next hour or so, you watch with spellbound surprise as the fabrication shop owner-operator builds a new spare layer-by-layer after writing a code for building an exact replica.

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International Workboat Show 2015 Ultimate Meeting Ground for North America’s Commercial Marine Industry

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^Busy Scenes @ the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans

The Veritable Crowd Puller

Despite all the technological advances in the recent past, we as human beings attach great value to face-to-face interactions. Even if these interactions are for the acquisition of better technology. Let’s admit it, there is no real substitute for direct conversations.

This is precisely why businesses view trade fairs and shows with such overwhelming importance. Welcome to the International WorkBoat Show, North America’s largest trade show for the commercial marine industry.

As a company that offers top marine fabrication services, marine pipe fitting, and large scale custom metal fabrication, Kemplon Engineering was among the visitors to this world-class event. Our team had a great time expanding their knowledge horizons and broadening their network. Read More