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Monthly Maritime News Roundup: August, 2015

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Kemplon Engineering rounds up some of the most buzzed-about news and developments of August, 2015 in this edition of the Monthly Maritime News Roundup:

Egypt figured heavily in the news cycles this month, following early August’s launching of an Expansion to the Suez Canal. The inauguration was hosted by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and attended by foreign dignitaries. The project has its critics, but proponents hope the $8.2 billion project could bring in more shipping traffic and revenues to the canal, which is already the shortest connection between Asia and Europe. The expansion had involved deepening the main waterway and carving out a parallel, 35km-channel, taking 12 months to complete. Read More

ABB’s A100L Turbochargers: Powering the World’s Largest Container Ships

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^ Expanding Sizes of Container Ships (Source: (Retrieved From:

To Cut a Long Queue Short

Malcolm McLean was one frustrated man in 1937. The owner of a North Carolina trucking company, he had to wait for hours as dock workers manually (and obviously slowly) loaded goods on ships at the New York harbor. Most fairy tales usually start with our hero in adversity. Right? Read More

Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC): A Capriciously Insidious Material Killer

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Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) (Source:

The Rot From Within

On June 1, 1974, Britain experienced her worst peacetime explosion. This was the infamous Flixborough Chemical Reactor Explosion that claimed 28 lives and grievously wounded 36 while damaging 1,821 houses and 167 shops and factories. Read More

China’s Tianjin Port Disaster

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121 Dead, 54 missing and hundreds injured in China’s Tianjin Port disaster.

 The Explosion. August 12 proved to be a tragic day for Tianjin in China, where an explosion at a waterfront chemical warehouse in the northern port led to hundreds of injuries, at least 121 lives lost, and 54 missing. Among those who perished were 67 firefighters, while 37 more of the heroic men are missing. 11 policemen are also said to be either dead or missing – a big blow for first responders in the country. Read More

A Cruise Ship for Refugee Aid in Greece

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There shouldn’t be anything groundbreaking or particularly newsworthy about cruise ships in Greece; after all, the idyllic destination and its dreamy islands have been on the itineraries of the cruise industry for years. But this particular cruise ship will be different. Instead of catering to the leisure needs of tourists, it will be instrumental in giving aid to thousands of the irregular migrants fleeing from Syria to Europe in search of safety. Kemplon Engineering takes a closer look at this interesting solution to Greece’s increasingly overwhelming migration crisis. Read More

Countering Aluminum Corrosion in Ships

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^ Aluminum Hulled Boat (Source:

1Merits of Aluminum & Co.

Some two hundred years ago, the crew aboard British frigate Alarm noted that the iron nails holding the copper sheets on the underside of the vessel had rusted. This was less than two years after they had installed the protective sheets. This was the first recorded instance of galvanic corrosion.

Read More

$100,000 Cruise – Almost Sold Out?

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Have a $100,000 to spare? Why not follow in the footsteps of the stylish travelers who snapped up – and almost sold out – this upcoming, Regent Seven Seas world cruise

Regent Seven Seas’ 2017 World Cruise will be the line’s first in six years, and will be held on board the all-suite, Seven Seas Navigator. Prices start at over $100,000 per couple for the 128-day cruise around the world, departing from Miami in January, 2017. On the itinerary are an impressive 62 ports on 31 countries, across six continents. There will be 29 UNESCO World Heritage sites on the itinerary, and shore excursions to dreamy, diverse and must-see travel destinations like Petra in Jordan, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and the Elephanta Caves of India. Read More