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Monthly Maritime News Roundup: March, 2015

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The maritime industry is always filled with exciting happenings and earth-shaking developments. Kemplon Engineering rounds up some of the biggest stories taking over the headlines these past 30 days, in this month’s Maritime News Roundup:

Cruise Shipping Miami made a big splash in its 31st year. Held over the 16th to the 19th of March at the Miami Beach Convention Center, it lived up to expectations as one of the most anticipated cruise events of the year. Features included an international exhibition hall, the Cruise Trends Theater, F&B Pavilion, Travel Agent Training seminars, and a star-studded Conference jam-packed with industry information. A big highlight was the State of the Global Cruise Industry session moderated by CNN business correspondent Richard Quest, featuring top executives from Carnival, MSC, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.

Maritime Industry Opportunities in Cuba was one of the exciting points of discussion during Cruise Shipping Miami 2015; not surprising, given it was a hot news item for many media outlets this February and March. The recent thawing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba is giving businessmen plenty of ideas on reviving tourism to Cuba, from cruise stops to ferries plying a Florida-Havana route ceased over 50 years ago.

As one international security situation loosens, however, another one emerges. How safe is the maritime industry in this age of terrorism? ISIS is gaining a foothold in coastal territories of Libya, making them a more immediate threat to Mediterranean shipping, cruising, coast guards and to Europe in general. The seemingly ever-present danger of terrorism was brought home most cruelly in another destination, however, as 21 people were shot down in a museum in Tunisia. Included in the list of fatalities and injured are a number of passengers from Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises vessels on call in the country. Ships from these lines and a few other companies who have scheduled stops in Tunisia have since dropped the destination. The attack ultimately leaves a lot of people dead and injured, their loved ones at a loss, companies scrambling for alternatives, and a country deprived of vital tourism revenues.

Finding Lost Warship Musashi. One of maritime history’s great engineering marvels was, unfortunately, a weapon of war. The HIJMS Musashi, a 900-foot, 73,000-ton battleship was a symbol of Japanese naval might during World War II. All who saw it were awed by its size, and it reportedly took a bombardment of 20 torpedoes and 17 bombs to sink it in 1944. As big and unmistakable as it was over the water, however, the ship’s exact location beneath it remained a mystery until just recently, when Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and his team claimed to have found it, at a depth of over 3,000 feet. They shared images of their findings publicly early this month.

These are just a few of the big developments this March, 2015. What will April bring? Check in with us again next month for the Maritime News Roundup!

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Esvagt Froude Service Operation Vessel (SOV)

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Esvagt on a Roll
Esvagt Froude is the first service operation vessel (SOV) made to the Havyard 832 design. This is the first time that such a large vessel will be used to service offshore wind farms. These vessels transport crew and cargo to and from offshore wind farms.

Shipbuilder Havyard Ship Technology built the vessel at its yard in Leirvik and delivered the same to its Danish owner Esvagt in February 2015. Havyard Design & Solutions designed the vessel. Esvagt Froude’s sister ship Esvagt Faraday will be delivered in April 2015.

Havyard 832 Design (Source:

Havyard 832 Design

Esvagt’s fleet now stands at 41 and the company has come a long way since early 1980s when it provided stand-by vessels to the oil and gas industry. With this, Esvagt has diversified into servicing wind-farms and will receive the third Havyard 832 SOV in September 2016.

This vessel purchase spree represents Esvagt’s largest combined investment and takes the company closer to its goal – to be the preferred provider of Emergency Response & Rescue and Offshore Wind Services.

Technical & Other Details
Siemens Wind Power has chartered Esvagt Froude for five years to service its Baltic II Offshore Wind Farm. Esvagt Faraday will serve Siemens’ Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm in German North Sea for ten years. Both contracts include an extension clause. The third vessel will service the Dudgeon Wind Farm being developed by Statkraft and Statoil off the coast of Norflok, UK.

Havyard had the hulls built at Cemre Shipyard, Turkey and conducted equipment installation, testing, and commissioning at Leirvik Shipyard, Norway. The broad objective was to derive maximum safety, reliability, efficiency, maneuverability, and comfort in all sea states.

Esvagt Froude uses the following methods for transporting personnel and equipment to offshore turbines:
• Walk-to-Work Ampelmann A-Type Gangway enables technicians to walk from the vessel directly to the offshore turbine
The gangway uses a hydraulically stabilized asymmetric bridge that personnel can use even in waves of 2.5m height. Plus it has an active and passive roll damping system for improved operations and comfort

Safe Transfer Boats complement the walk-to-work gangway system. These include:
• ESVAGT STB® 7B Safe Transfer Boat accommodates three technicians, two crew members, and equipment
• ESVAGT STB® 12A Safe Transfer Boat can transport one ton cargo along with two crew members and eight technicians
• ESVAGT FRB 15C Fast Rescue Boat

Special features:
• Asymmetric Bridge for gangway operations
• Active and Passive Roll Damping System for optimized gangway operations and for minimizing unnecessary movements to improve comfort

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

• Advanced Transit for personnel
• Top ERN Score lends it with superior station keeping for operations even during rough weather. Classification Society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) developed the ERN score in the 1970s. ERN values range between 0 and 99
ERN stands for Environment Regularity Number and is a theoretical method of determining the ability of a vessel to maintain its position during diverse sea and weather conditions. Only lateral forces such as waves, winds, and currents are considered and this makes the calculations fairly simple
• Cutting Edge Dynamic Positioning (DP) Navigation System enables skilled maneuvering when plying inside wind farms. It also allows placing personnel as close as possible to the turbines for better safety
• Innovative Diesel-Electric Propulsion with DC Power System for best fuel efficiency and comfort
• Compactor and Incinerator for handling waste
• Boat Landing Ramp at Aft for connecting with STB® 12A or catamaran transfer vessels (CTVs)
• CCTV Surveillance

Dynamic hull design combined with Siemens’ innovative diesel generator ensures top comfort. Four identical 1650kW diesel generators comprise the vessel’s power plant. Unlike conventional diesel generators that maintain constant speed at all loads, Esvagt Fourde’s generators change speed with load for low fuel use and low emissions.

This DC generator system also provides high redundancy levels. The vessel uses a 700kW forward thruster and 1,600kW main azimuth thrusters as per the options available in the Havyard 832 design.
Superstructure hosts accommodation facilities complete with meeting rooms, entertainment venues, cabins, and fitness avenues. The vessel has a deck crane of 2 tons capacity and 12m outreach.

Esvagt Froude comes with a lot of promise loaded as it is with a unique gangway and propulsion system. And with two more such vessels to come, offshore wind turbines can look forward to being pampered.

Cruise Shipping Miami 2015: Highlights

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^ Image: Screen Capture. UBM plc. “Welcome to Cruise Shipping Miami.” Web. Accessed 07 Mar 2015.

Cruise Shipping Miami… As one of the most anticipated cruise industry events of the year, this international gathering of exhibitors, attendees and cruise industry professionals is always full of excitement. 2015 marks the conference’s 31st year, and just as it had in previous events, Cruise Shipping Miami delivered. Kemplon Engineering rounds up some of the highlights:

The Sessions hosted a panel of cruise industry luminaries, including executives from such power players as Carnival Corp., MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Among the insights shared in these sessions, was that: (1) cruisers as a market has evolved to be more tech savvy, and do a lot of research online—giving weight to exposure on websites; (2) the cruise industry can look to developing markets aside from China; and (3) in spite of the proliferation of mega-ships, we must be cognizant of the fact that some emerging destinations have ports and waterways that cannot accommodate their size.

The Chinese Market was discussed in a study released by the Hong Kong Tourism Board on the first day of Cruise Shipping Miami. The size of the potential prize? Greater China’s 83 million-strong possible cruise passengers. Another study discussed port development in Hong Kong and nearby areas that could help market growth. Opportunities in Cuba for the industry– should economic restrictions be lifted– were also addressed and discussed enthusiastically.

The Asian Cruise Market received a lot of attention again this year, and with good reason. According to a study released by Cruise Lines International Association (“CLIA”) during Cruise Shipping Miami, it’s a double-digit growth for the region in terms of number of ships and passengers. Other interesting findings in the study? That many Asian passengers are below 40 years of age, and that they usually sail within the region due to shorter vacation times.

Aside from the sharing of insights and information, Cruise Shipping Miami was used by companies like MSC Cruises to make important announcements. Europe-based MSC will be a greater presence in North America when they resume year-round sailing activities from Miami in 2017, on a new generation of innovative ships. In a company first, they will also be christening the MSC Seaside in Miami, and will have a dedicated berth for the vessel in accordance with an arrangement with PortMiami.

These are just a few of the developments from the ever-eventful Cruise Shipping Miami. Next year, renovations at the Miami Beach Convention Center will bring the event to Fort Lauderdale. We can only hold our breath in excitement for what the next one will bring!

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RecruitMilitary: Connecting Military Job Seekers And Employers

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Image “Way To Success” courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Image “Way To Success” courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Learn about RecruitMilitary, an award-winning military-to-civilian recruiting firm connecting employers to job seekers with a military background, and about their upcoming All Veterans Job Fair, to be held this March in Miami:

RecruitMilitary is a full-service recruiting firm connecting educational institutions, employers and franchisors to men and women with a military background. This includes all branches of the armed forces, across all ranks. Services are free for military jobseekers such as those transitioning back into civilian life, veterans, members of the National Guard and reserves forces, and military spouses. Among RecruitMilitary’s considerable tools toward their aims are: an online Job Board, Veteran Job Fairs, and a magazine called “Search & Employ.”

RecruitMilitary’s Job Board allows registered jobseekers access to over 850,000 vacancies from over 4,300 companies seeking veterans for hire.

“Search & Employ,” on the other hand, is a bimonthly magazine available in print and digital formats, which serves as a civilian career guide to help transitioning and veteran military jobseekers.

RecruitMilitary’s Veteran Job Fairs is another important tool toward their mission of connecting employers and military jobseekers. The statistics are impressive— 9 years running and over 670 events held; 23,360 exhibitors and 416,314 attendees have participated; over 100 offers are extended in each job fair; with favorable and repeat ratings from exhibitors. Their events average about 40-50 exhibitors present.

Miami All Veterans Job Fair is an upcoming event for RecruitMilitary. They have held 10 events in the city, drawing in almost 3,000 attendees and over 300 exhibitors. The upcoming job fair is scheduled for March 12, 2015, from 11:00 am to 3:00pm, at the Kovens Conference Center at Florida International University. Among the exhibitors are Lockheed Martin Corporation, Apple, Inc. and Bank of America. For more information on the upcoming Miami event and how to participate, visit

RecruitMilityary’s mission, as well as its comprehensive approach to achieving its goals, is truly admirable for us at Kemplon Engineering. It is no wonder they received the First Annual Lee Anderson Small Business Veteran and Military Spouse Employment Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2011, in recognition of their work to honor military families. Kemplon Engineering will be attending RecruitMilitary’s upcoming event in Miami, and we hope to see you there!

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