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Shipping Industry Reacts to ‘The Green Agenda’

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^ Image Credit: “IMAREST ROUNDTABLE ‘MAKING THE GREEN AGENDA PAY.’” Eniram. Web. Accessed 12 Nov 2014. http://www.eniram.fi/imarest-roundtable-making-green-agenda-pay/

The ‘Green Agenda’ is a big buzzword in many circles within the maritime industry. But how do the industry’s stakeholders, movers and shakers, particularly in shipping, really feel about what this means and what it would take to pursue it and succeed in it? Recently released findings from a survey conducted by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (“IMarEST”) provides some important insights.

The Green Agenda Survey
IMarEST carried out the survey in collaboration with Colfax Fluid Handling, and they had received about 200 responses. It is notable that 88% agree ‘the Green Agenda’ can be good for the global maritime industry, and 75% of the respondents also agree that ‘the Green Agenda’ can have an impact on the business, and can be a factor in success. However, only 46% believe it is good value for money, and 78% of respondents agreed that there should be more ways to incentivize investments in green projects. One respondent had even gone so far as to say that investment in green initiatives may very well be contingent on attractive financial initiatives or if they were “forced” in some way to do so.

The big question then is, how can green project investments be more attractive to business? How can a more green approach be profitable? An October 28, invitation-only, roundtable discussion set out to tackle just this question: “Making the Green Agenda Pay.” The London event was chaired by Carnival’s VP of Technical Development and Quality Assurance, Corporate Shipbuilding, Mr. Richaed Vie, who is also the sitting president of IMarEST. A white paper covering the discussion is due for distribution sometime following the event, and those interested in obtaining a copy of the report may check the ImarEST website at imarest.org, or send an inquiry via e-mail to events@imarest.org.

We at Kemplon Engineering believe in the important role green initiatives can play in the sustainability of our world’s waters. We also believe the most effective and workable solutions should be collaborative in nature, taking into account the needs and capabilities of the involved and affected stakeholders. We laud the efforts of organizations like IMarEST for their attempts at exploring the actionable points of the Green Agenda, and for bringing people in the shipping industry together to find ways that would incentivize investments in green approaches to business.

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United Nations: Humanitarian Aid via Nile River

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Image: Screen capture. UN News Centre. “A WFP barge transporting food supplies on the Nile River. Photo: WFP/South Sudan (file).” UN.org, 29 Dec 2014. Web. Accessed 09 Jan 2015. http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=49696#.VK8xX2eSw_g

The Nile River. A body of water stretching 4,132 miles—the longest river in the world—running through historic locales in Africa. The storied Nile River has been witness to much of human history. It has served as the lifeblood of advanced, ancient civilizations, but has also seen us in conflict and decline through wars, hunger and poverty. It is also seeing us in compassion and determination, as the United Nations World Food Program (“WFP”) reopens a corridor along the river to deliver food shipments to thousands of needy people in South Sudan. Kemplon Engineering reports on this welcome new development.

A Vital Supply Line
The delivery of humanitarian aid via the Nile River is not new, but the route through the Sudan and South Sudan border was closed in 2011 following the latter’s independence. The late 2014 shipments represent the first time in years that the UN was able to use the supply line, and it couldn’t have come at a later time; food security is precarious amidst the region’s hostilities, mass displacement, and the coming dry season. The UN estimates that as many as 2.5 million people could need food aid in the first quarter of 2015.

Initial Shipments
The initial shipment via Nile River carried 450 metric tons of food, good for about 28,000 people over the next month. 21,000 metric tons more in deliveries are expected. River and road deliveries are preferred because they are more efficient than air shipments, which cost about six to seven times as much.

We at Kemplon Engineering are heartened by the news that food can now be delivered to the needy in South Sudan. Our world’s waters have always been a source of life— from here do we get potable water, conduct livelihood activities such as fishing and agriculture, and from here do we connect with other people and conduct trade and cultural exchange. Rivers and other bodies of water are the veins that bring lifeblood to communities, and food aid delivered through them continues that vital tradition.

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US Coast Guard Presents: Videos of the Year

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Real life can be more exciting than ‘reel’ life with the US Coast Guard’s collection of Videos of the Year, posted online and up for a public vote on the top Video of the Year. Kemplon Engineering takes a look at some of these exciting USCG activities caught on camera, and reports on the videos that took home the year’s top prizes.

USCG Top Ten Videos of the Year
The brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard are engaged in a myriad of activities. An event like Video of the Year, which started in 2009, shows the public the kind of challenges they face and the training, resourcefulness and heroism they display as a normal part of their awe-inspiring profession.

The 2014 contest began last December 22nd, with the top ten videos posted on succeeding days on Compass (the USCG’s official blog), the Coast Guard’s YouTube channel, and on Facebook and Twitter. The contest continued with a public voting by “likes,” and the January 5 announcement of a winner.

This year’s fine crop of videos include: “Coast Guard Turtle Rescue,” footage featuring a South Jersey crew’s rescue of an 800-pound leatherback turtle tangled up in fishing gear in August; “Coast Guard Ice Rescue,” footage which shows ice rescue operation techniques and use of equipment from the National Ice Rescue School; and “Coast Guard Bristol Bay Buoys,” showing how a Coast Guard cutter crew tends to buoys; along with seven other videos.

2014’s Video of the Year
At the end of the voting tally, the Coast Guard’s Video of the Year for 2014 was “Coast Guard High Speed Pursuit” showing training for tactical law enforcement, followed by “Coast Guard Turtle Rescue” and “Coast Guard Station Bellingham Rescue,” featuring the rescue of two men whose canoe overturned.

Kemplon Engineering congratulates all of this year’s nominees and winners, and we send our best wishes for a safe new year for the brave men and women of our Coast Guard.

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All Aboard America’s First Tattoo Cruise!

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Image source: Ink or Swim Tattoo Cruise Website, at http://inkorswimtattoocruise.com/. Accessed 01 Nov 2014.

The cruise industry is always finding new ways to entice people to come aboard and have fun on an amazing ocean vacation. We have seen new itineraries and destinations, of course. But more and more, the cruise ship itself is becoming the main attraction along with the ports of call. Everything from Broadway shows to extreme sports can now be found aboard a ship, not to mention a multitude of creature comforts and culinary delights.
But just when you think the visionary cruise industry must have already thought of everything, here’s another first: America’s first ever tattoo-themed cruise? Kemplon Engineering takes a look at this upcoming cruise attraction.

“Ink or Swim” is scheduled for the 16th to the 20th of April, 2015, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas departing from Fort Lauderdale. Helmed by Rebel Ink magazine, photographer Dan Howell, and Miami-based group cruise organizer Landry & Kling, the cruise aims to celebrate the increasingly popular “ink culture.”
Attractions include the attendance of high profile tattoo artists, “flash” tattoo sessions, burlesque shows, tattoo contests, free photo shoots and a beach party in Cozumel.

Fares begin at $970 based on double occupancy, with a $100 credit for an on-board tattoo. Visit their website for more information and for special deals. Inkorswimtattoocruise.com provides tattoo artist profiles, details on the tattoo-themed events passengers can expect to enjoy, a listing of cruise attractions and of course, pricing and itinerary information.

This “Tattoo Vacation of a Lifetime” is described as an American first, with lots to delight people who are passionate about ink culture.

From culinary cruises to music-themed cruises and now a tattoo-themed cruise, there are just so many interests that can be brought aboard a great vessel and be celebrated by a community of fun-loving passengers. We at Kemplon Engineering are always excited to hear about what the visionary members of the cruise industry can come up with next!

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Lake Michigan’s Undiscovered Shipwreck “Cluster”

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Diver Ross Richardson claims to have located a previously-undiscovered shipwreck cluster in northern Lake Michigan. Richardson believes the five wrecks he found may include that of the 226-foot sidewheel steamer AD Patchin, lost in 1850; and the 150-foot brig Julia Dean, which sank in 1855. Kemplon Engineering takes a look at the news around this exciting find.

Image: Screen Capture. “Skillagalee Wreck Site A” by nmiwrecks via YouTube. Published 08 Nov 2014. Accessed 22 Nov 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suc6PD87gIA&list=UUGsuZxYVbFCRdeLsiJEF1sw

A Fascinating GoPro Video
Richardson had uncovered the cluster of wrecks over last summer, around the Island of Skillagalee. His mission was to find undiscovered wrecks with a decent last known, attainable position. The wreck he believes to be that of the AD Patchin, for instance, is just about 30 to 35 feet beneath the water.

The area Richardson had found the wrecks in is known to have a reef system that may have felled vessels before better navigation information and the building of a nearby lighthouse served as a warning to the dangers beneath the surface of the water. Another source of danger is piracy, which the Julia Dean’s captain had blamed the vessel’s loss on.

The three remaining wrecks are not yet identified. Richardson says it’s harder to have more than an educated guess about the identities of ships in shallow water wrecks, given damage from wave action and ice.

The avid diver had docuented his finds via a GoPro camera attached to a pole, a technique that placed the diver in the shot for better perspective. Richardson is also a writer and speaker on Michigan’s maritime history, and maintains a website, Michigan Mysteries, at http://www.michiganmysteries.com/.

Shipwrecks are a vivid snapshot of a lost time. They are reminders of the past, and that of the romance, mystery and danger of our waters.

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Costa Diadema: Costa Cruises’ New Flagship

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^ Costa Diadema: Floating Luxury (Source: http://www.nedcruise.info/costa%20diadema.htm)

A New Benchmark in Luxury

At a grand ceremony at its headquarters in Genoa, Italy, Costa Cruises christened its new flagship vessel as Costa Diadema on November 7, 2014. Diadema means tiara or an ornamental, jeweled band. It is the largest cruise ship to hoist the Italian flag and began its inaugural voyage on November 8.

Studded with a stunning Samsara Spa, seven restaurants, breathtaking ambience, fifteen bars, and engaging entertainment avenues, the Costa Diadema is truly a jeweled ornament. Everything about the ship is king sized. Even its nickname ‘Regina del Mediterraneo’ or ‘Queen of the Mediterranean’ radiates regality.

Costa Diadema is largely based on the design of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Dream. Fincantieri built this new flagship at its Marghera Shipyard, Venice. This is the largest vessel ever built at this yard. Joe Farcus designed the interiors. The cruise ship will carry the RINA Green Star Notification, something all Costa Cruises’ vessels do.
Carnival Corporation & PLC. is the parent company of a host of cruise companies viz. Costa Cruises in Southern Europe; Carnival Cruise Lines, Princes Cruises, Holland America Line, and Seabourn in Northern America; P&O Cruises (Australia) in Australia; AIDA Cruises in Germany; and Cunard and P&O Cruises (UK) in the United Kingdom.

Costa Cruises has invested $701 million in Costa Diadema and nearly $6.3 billion in ten new vessels, all built by Fincantieri since 2000. Costa Cruises’ shipbuilding at Italian shipyards created 12,300 jobs throughout the supply chain and the tourism segment in Italy. In 2010, these operations contributed about $2.8 billion to the Italian economy.

Technical Details
Samsara Spa is the chief attraction. Spread over four floors across a sprawling 7,800m2 area, it hosts a spa, a Turkish bath, a gym, a sauna, a steam bath, a solarium, and a thalasso-therapy pool.

Samsara Spa @ Costa Diadema (Source: http://www.nedcruise.info/costa%20diadema.htm)

  • Because her builders laid keel before the Safe Return to Port Requirements took effect, the Costa Diadema complies only partially with these provisions. Primary modifications / additions to the Carnival Dream design include:
  • Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG): serving the passenger comfort switchboard is the capital modification. The vessel also has an EDG for the Solas switchboard. The additional EDG is takes over in case the Solas-EDG fails. This is of course a response to the power failure fiasco aboard Carnival Triumph in February 2013
    Scrubber / Carnival’s ECO Exhaust Gas Cleaning (ECO-EGC): removes toxic contaminants from exhaust gases and makes the Costa Diadema compliant with Emission Control Area (ECA) regulations limiting sulphur content in ship fuel to 0.1%

The ECA cap comes into force from January 1, 2015. This is the first time an Italian shipyard has installed such equipment

Technical Details:

• Beefed-Up Safety & Redundancy:
– Additional MGO Pump: ensures fuel supply to the aft engine room despite fire
– Separated Heat Exchangers: at least some operate during fire
– Fire Fighting Apparatus in the bilge and engine room
– Isolating boiler and engine room
– Diverted:
+ cables away from the engine room
+ pipes to lower their fire-causing potential
• Hull Design: changed only for the above-deck portion. Makers have redesigned public decks allotting greater space for entertainment, food, and beverages

Other Details

Wartsila Engines adhere to IMO Tier II exhaust emission directives. These include:

  • 4 x Wartsila 12V46C 12.6MW
  • 2 x Wartsila 8L46C 8.4MW

Electronic Control adjusts engines to all work conditions. The UNIC Management System ensures engine longevity and performance in the most demanding conditions. Engine design focuses on top operational reliability and endurance to vibrations and temperature.

Propulsion system comprises of:
• 2 x 21MW-each General Electric Propulsion Motors.


Frasmer Lifeboat-Tender (Source: http://www.fassmer.de/lifeboats/lifeboats-and-tenders/partially-enclosed-lifeboats-tenders/)

Onboard Lifeboats & Rescue Boats:
• 4 x Fassmer Tenders-cum-Lifeboats of capacity:
– 232 persons-each in Tender Mode
– 267 persons-each in Lifeboat Mode
• 14 x Fassmer Lifeboats of 293-person-each capacity
• 2 x Fassmer Rescue Boats
• 2 x Viking Marine Evacuation System (MES)

Plush Suite

Plush Suite @ Costa Diadema (Source: http://www.nedcruise.info/costa%20diadema.htm)

RINA Green Star Yacht provisions mandate environment-friendly design, construction, and operation of yachts. Compliance benefits everyone – shipyards, passengers, owners-managers, and personnel onboard. Adherence prevents pollution / destruction of seawater, air, and ozone caused by:

  • engine emissions
  • refrigerants
  • oil
  • sewage
  • ballast water
  • garbage
  • grey water

Catering as it does to the millionaire and billionaire crowd, Costa Cruises has spared no expense or effort in their quest to make cruises aboard the Costa Diadema a truly coveted vacation.

Finding ‘The Titanic of the Golden Gate’

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^ Image: “CodaOctopus 3-D Echoscope sonar profile view of SS City of Rio De Janeiro” courtesy of Coda Octopus/NOAA via http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/news/press/2014/pr121014.html. Accessed 17 Dec 2014

Historic shipwreck SS City of Rio de Janeiro, an immigrant steamship lost over a century ago in San Francisco in what many consider to be the worst maritime disaster in the city, has been located by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”) and its partners.

‘The Bay Area Titanic’
In February 1901, the SS City of Rio de Janeiro struck rocks during a foggy morning, sinking quickly and claiming the lives of 128 out of 210 passengers and crew on board. Among the fatalities were Chinese and Japanese immigrants, and the US Consul General of Hong Kong who was traveling with his family, all of whom were lost in the tragic sinking.

The Expedition
The discovery of the shipwreck is a result of a two-year study conducted by NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Maritime Heritage Program, in an effort to document shipwrecks in the Gulf of Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The program was aided by considerable contributions from Hibbard Inshore and Bay Marine Services, who provided a vessels and crew for research, and the use of Coda Octopus’s 3D Echoscope® sonar.

The wreck, located in mud at 287 feet of water, was captured in incredibly detailed sonar images revealed last December 10th.

Ships like City of Rio de Janeiro may be long lost, but they are an important part of the United States’ rich history of diversity. Many Americans who trace their roots to the Far East region in the 19th and 20th centuries can credit immigrant ships like City of Rio de Janeiro for bringing their ancestors to US shores. It is truly unfortunate that the ship had sank with so many fatalities, claiming new lives cut tragically short. But efforts by NOAA and its partners to locate and document it highlight their importance as part of American immigrant history.

It is reported that aside from this historic find, there are hundreds of other wrecks around the Golden Gate Bridge. There is definitely more to locate and document, and we at Kemplon Engineering wish NOAA and its partners more success in their efforts to preserve and share our country’s maritime heritage.

^ Bever, Lindsey. “Maritime mystery solved: ‘Bay Area’s Titanic’ found near Golden Gate Bridge.” Washington Post, 12 Dec 2014. Web. 17 Dec 2014. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/12/12/maritime-mystery-solved-bay-areas-titanic-found-near-golden-gate-bridge/
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^ “NOAA, partners reveal first images of historic San Francisco shipwreck, SS City of Rio de Janeiro.” National Marine Sanctuaries, 10 Dec 2014. Web. 17 Dec 2014. http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/news/press/2014/pr121014.html
^ Prigg, Mark. “’Titanic of the Golden Gate’ discovered: 3D scans reveal first images of boat which sank off San Francisco in 1901, killing 128 immigrants on board.” Mail Online, 12 Dec 2014. Web. 17 Dec 2014. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2870867/San-Francisco-s-deadliest-shipwreck-discovered-3D-scans-reveal-images-Titanic-Golden-Gate-sank-1901-killing-128-immigrants-board.html

Black Sea Oil Spill

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^ Image “Crude Oil” courtesy of anankkml at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Russia attempts to contain an oil spill in the Black Sea. Kemplon Engineering takes a closer look at this developing news.

Tuapse, Russia
Tuapse is a busy oil and industrial port located near Black Sea resorts in southwestern Russia. Tuapse is just miles from Sochi, which is famous for hosting 2014’s Winter Olympics. In the 20th century, the seaport city grew into a major stop for repairing ships and refining and exporting oil.

On Christmas Eve, however, the city has had to declare a state of emergency following an oil spill. It has been reported by Chernomor Transneft, a subsidiary of Russian oil transport company Transneft, that a pipeline near the city had burst due to a landslide. The broken section of the pipeline is situated around 9 kilometers from the coast of the Black Sea. The wall of the pipeline ruptured, causing oil to leak into the Tupase River and consequently, the Black Sea the river empties into. In a statement, it has been claimed that 8.4 cubic meters had leaked out, though environmentalists claim a more accurate figure could be 100 times greater.

Stormy Weather
The bleak weather only complicated efforts made by the Russian authorities at cleaning up. Measures of containing the damage included the use of floating barriers. The sea and river transport agency reported a mission was launched, but was hampered by stormy weather. According to the Kasnodar government website, waves reached up to 10 feet high. It has also been reported that the weather prevented the safe use of boats.

Criticism on Response
The World Wildlife Fund (“WWF”) claimed the spill had already affected 15 kilometers of the shore, and criticized Rosneft and Transneft of being slow to understand the immediacy of the situation and to act promptly. According to the organization, the companies should have immediately alerted the authorities, as opposed to the hours’ long delay.

We at Kemplon Engineering sympathize with those who are immediately affected by this emergency, and hope for better outcomes at containment and clean-up efforts. We also hope that the long-term impacts may be minimal to the ecology of the Black Sea.

^ Nazarov, Maxim and Gleb Gorodyankin. “Oil Spills Into Black Sea Near Russian Port.” Maritime Executive, 24 Dec 2014. Web. 04 Jan 2015. http://www.maritime-executive.com/article/oil-spills-into-black-sea-near-russian-port
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Three Die in Cruise Ship Fire

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^ Image: Screen capture. Oceania Cruises, Inc. “Explore Insignia.” Oceaniacruises.com. Web. Accessed 16 Dec 2014. http://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/insignia/lifestyle/default.aspx

An engine room fire on board an Oceania Cruises ship docked in St. Lucia, claimed the lives of three people earlier this December. Kemplon Engineering reports on this unfortunate incident.

Oceania Cruises ship The Insignia was carrying over 650 guests on a 10-day cruise when an engine room fire occurred midway through the itinerary, last December 11th. The ship was docked at Port Castries in St. Lucia at the time. The rest of the cruise, scheduled to end on December 17th in Miami, was canceled. The passengers were evacuated from the ship and flown to Miami instead, with accommodations arranged by Oceania Cruises. Each passenger was also provided food allowance, a 100% refund, and 50% credit toward an Oceania cruise in the future.

The Insignia was built in 1998, originally designed for Renaissance Cruises and later acquired by Oceania. The ship, which is to remain in St. Lucia until engine repairs are completed, is under investigation by a joint team including the US Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board, working alongside the vessel’s flag state, Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands had accepted the involvement of the US Coast Guard, given that The Insignia transits in American ports and that a substantial number of passengers were from the United States. Also in St. Lucia in the wake of the accident are representatives from Oceania Cruises, including its new president, Jason Montague.

Insignia was scheduled to depart from Miami on another itinerary starting December 17th. This planned voyage has since been canceled in light of the accident.

We at Kemplon Engineering sympathize with those who have lost friends and family because of this accident, and also with the passengers who had experienced fear and inconvenience. We sincerely hope the investigation will yield answers that can prevent such incidents and fatalities in the future.

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Royal Caribbean, EPA, Coast Guard: Pollution Control Agreement

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (“RCCL”) has high-tech environmental initiatives including a scrubber system with the ability to remove 97% of sulfur dioxide emissions from their diesel engines. The system, set to be installed in 19 of the fleet’s ships, will put the company in a position to comply with new emissions standards set by the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”) and the European Union (“EU”).

BallNew Emissions Standards
The new Emission Control Area (“ECA”) standards could compel lines to use costlier fuel and consequently make cruise routes pricier. ECAs are waters around U.S. coasts. The rationale behind strict regulations for ECAs is that emissions from vessels in the ocean have an impact on air quality on land. ECAs were developed by the United States with Canada and in agreement with the IMO.

In 2012, the IMO had already set a sulfur cap within ECAs at 1%, a figure that will be lowered to 0.1% in 2015. The EU had also recently released standards for emissions. RCCL’s high-tech Advanced Emissions Purification (“AEP”) system will enable RCCL to fall within the new regulations, and allow them to “be compliant everywhere they sail,” especially since there is a limited supply of lower-sulfur fuel.

The AEP System
The basic mechanism of AEP systems is that they “scrub” exhaust gases using water spray in the exhaust stream. Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is one of the first cruise ships built with such a system, but it won’t be the last. As early as this month of January, installation is expected on 13 Royal Caribbean ships and 6 Celebrity Cruises ships. The retrofit project is a massive, complex undertaking of an unprecedented scale for RCCL, with every installation requiring months of work.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) as well as the U.S. Coast Guard had authorized exemptions that would allow RCCL to expand the program to the planned 19 ships. Permissions from these agencies grant RCCL temporary relief from the ECA’s sulfur content requirements. Ideally, the trial program on the “scrubber” technology could push forward our collective knowledge on advanced emissions control technologies for marine engines. RCCL’s program shows promise, as it may lead to greater emissions reductions than low-sulfur fuel, and at a more affordable cost.

Green initiatives are the wave of the future for the maritime industry, with so many plans and regulations on the horizon that would put our environment front and center in how businesses operate. Sometimes, the costs of complying can be daunting. We at Kemplon Engineering are always excited to report on the myriad of ways businesses like RCCL are exploring technological options that would allow for environmental compliance, but also offer economical and effective solutions.

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